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Residential Moving in Bloomington

Whether you are a single person or a family, moving can be an incredibly stressful and financially heavy experience. From the hours and hours of packing, organizing, and cleaning to be done, to the paperwork of canceling services and having mail forwarded it is easy to become overwhelmed. This is why the professionals at Help-U-Pack-N-Move offer a wide range of moving services at some of the most competitive prices in the greater Bloomington area. We personalize our services to your situation and ensure everything goes smoothly on the day of your move. We are experienced in transporting and handling even the most delicate and fragile of objects, as well as hefty specialized items like grand pianos.

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Local Moving

We are proud to serve the entire Bloomington area. No matter if you’re moving across town or across the street, Help-U-Pack-N-Move can help. We have a full range of services to ensure your move goes smoothly and hassle-free. We are fully aware of the many factors involved in selecting a moving date, such as closing dates, lease expiration’s, family matters, work schedules, and restrictions of building managements. That is why we give great attention to our customer’s moving time requirements. Our highly trained movers, our dedicated consulting staff and our many years of experience give us an edge over other Bloomington moving companies. Help-U-Pack-N-Move customers recommend us to their family and friends for a reason. We take pride in providing our customers with the very best service. Our business was built from the ground up by offering unbeatable moving services at affordable prices.

Long Distance Home Moving

When you’re planning to undertake a long-distance move, whether across the country or the state, it’s a large project that requires intense planning and careful consideration. To properly settle into your new home, it always helps to have a professional in your corner. Help-U-Pack-N-Move is experienced in orchestrating and completing long-distance moves across the country. No matter how far your belongings need to be transported, you can be sure that they’ll arrive safely with us.

Our top goal is to give you a stress-free and well-timed moving experience over any distance. When we transport your belongings, we treat every item with special care, ensuring that it arrives at its new home in perfect condition. Our experience and dedication to quality services will see you through the best moving experience you could ask for.

Reach out to our professionals today at 952 431 1BOX (1269) to see how far we’ll go to give you a perfect long-distance residential moving service.

Help-U-Pack-N-Move’s Residential Movers Do It All

You benefit from the best professional moving company around when you come to Help-U-Pack-N-Move for your home moving needs. Whether you have delicate, specialty, or oversized items, we can easily take care of them for you.

Here are some extra perks to our service that will help get you and your belongings there in one piece.

Specialty Packing

If you have any fragile items, such as glassware, vases, artwork, or mirrors, we have specialty packing and bubble wrapping to ensure they’re taken care of. You don’t have to worry about breaks or scratches when you entrust your delicate items to our care.

Furniture Wraps

To ensure all your cabinets, dressers, vanities, and more are easily and safely transported, we always use strong wraps to ensure the drawers stay closed and the pieces remain undamaged. This helps us be more careful with the transportation and the loading processes while your furniture stays safe and secure. Our materials are professional grade, guaranteed to safeguard your furniture, and prevent scuffs, scratches, and scrapes.

Packing Materials

From boxes and totes to bubble wrap and packing peanuts, we provide you with all the materials you need to do the job. We’ll even do the job for you if you’d rather have your items packed tightly and securely by industry-leading professionals.

Customized Crates

Some oversized items need specialized protection that you can’t easily find elsewhere. This is no problem. We can provide crates that suit your oversize items precisely so that they can be easily transported.

Disassembly and Reassembly

Some large furniture items are challenging to move in one piece. Our team can expertly take your furniture apart for easier transportation and put them back together once we reach your new home.

Piano Moving

Pianos are notoriously difficult to move due to their weight, awkwardness, and size. But luckily, no matter where you’re moving to, you don’t have to leave the music behind. We’re experienced in moving large, unwieldy items like pianos, so we’re confident we can safely load yours up and transport it to become a feature of your new home.

Professional Packing

At Help-U-Pack-N-Move, we understand that we aren’t just packing belongings into boxes and crates- we are taking care of your memories and your precious objects. We understand the science behind proper storage and techniques to make sure each possession arrives just as it was before the move. Our packing crews use professional grade packing materials to protect your valuables, including specialized cartons, recyclable paper, bubble wrap, micro foam, plastic wrap, and reusable quilted moving pads. Fragile items such as stained glass windows, artwork, glass table tops, and chandeliers may require the special care and attention that can only be provided by custom wood crating. Each crate we use is constructed by our crews to the exact specifications required to protect your delicate valuables.

If you need help with Moving Company, Mover and Long Distance Moving then Help-U-Pack-N-Move should be the first place that you call! We are premier specialist in Bloomington.

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