Piano Movers in Minneapolis

If you own a piano, then you know how tricky it can be to transport. Piano moving requires careful planning, the right equipment, and skilled hands to complete successfully, which is where the experts at Help-U-Pack-N-Move come into play. Our experienced piano movers will help you avoid the work and liability that come with transporting your instrument and make sure it gets done correctly.

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Reliable Piano Movers

Our experienced movers have the knowledge and equipment to handle even the most delicate and valuable pianos. With our commitment to safe and secure transportation, flexible scheduling options, and competitive pricing, we're the top choice when you need to move a piano in Minneapolis.

Our customer-focused approach means we work with you every step of the way to ensure your piano is delivered to its final destination in the same condition it was when we picked it up. Choose us for efficient, cost-effective, and reliable piano moving solutions, and rely on our experience and diligence to deliver your instrument with the care and professionalism it deserves.

Piano Movers Who Put the Customer First

Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. Moving a piano can be a complex and stressful process, so we take the time to understand your specific needs and requirements and ensure the job is done without issue.

Our experienced team of professional movers is equipped with the skills and equipment necessary to handle even the most valuable pianos with the utmost care. Whether you need local or long-distance moving services, we provide efficient and cost-effective solutions that put your needs first.

Our commitment to customer service means we're always available to answer any questions and provide clear instructions on preparing your piano for the move. With our focus on safety and security, you can trust us to deliver your precious musical instrument without issue. Choose Help-U-Pack-N-Move for a stress-free and beginning-to-end satisfying piano moving experience.

Flexible Scheduling on Piano Moving Services

At our moving company, we understand that moving a piano can be a complex process that requires a flexible and accommodating approach. That's why we offer versatile scheduling options. We can work with your timeline, whether you need your piano moved in the middle of the week or on the weekend.

Pianos are a difficult combination of bulky and delicate, requiring time and care to maneuver properly. We’ll devote that time and attention to relocating your piano to its new home.

Competitively Priced Piano Moving Services

Our team is dedicated to providing you with a stress-free and smooth moving experience, including making our specialized piano moving services available at competitive prices. As professional movers, we have the equipment and know-how to streamline our service and offer high-end moving solutions for a lower price.

Whether you need local or long-distance moving services, we're here to provide the support you need to transport your piano to its new location. Contact us today to learn more about our competitively priced piano moving services in Minneapolis.

Get a Comprehensive Quote on Piano Moving Services

At Help-U-Pack-N-Move, we make getting quotes on piano moving services easy. We strive to provide the easiest piano moving service in the city, starting with getting a comprehensive quote from our team. We'll compare your request to other jobs we've done in the past and provide an accurate quote that you can depend on. Our quote will include all the services we'll provide you, so there are no hidden surprises further down the road.

We’re confident that our quotes are among the best in the city. If you're looking for an affordable method of moving your piano, please don’t hesitate to contact us for your quote today.

Professional Piano Movers

Although many moving companies will claim that they are equipped to move your piano if you ask them, it always makes sense to do your research and make sure they are properly qualified to do so. Here at Help-U-Pack-N-Move, we feel confident advertising our piano moving services because we have done a lot of work gathering the right supplies and techniques to ensure we are ready for any job. 

Our Piano Moving Supplies Include:

  • Piano dollies
  • Straps and moving ties
  • Blankets and padding
  • Shoulder harnesses

Your piano deserves an attentive and prepared team. Contact us today to ensure it’s in the best possible hands for a fast and safe moving experience!


Each member of our piano moving team, from the packing crew to the drivers, is fully committed to maximizing customer value while minimizing the stress of moving your piano. We ensure our team is the best in the business, combining punctuality with efficiency and expertise with diligence to give you the stellar moving experience you deserve. No matter how far you’re moving, you can look to us as your mover of choice.

Our movers aren’t just driven and dedicated—they’re also experienced and licensed. Our technicians have all the qualifications needed to make them industry leaders and a proven track record as service providers. Fully insured, we have all the backing to ensure your piano is in the safest hands.

A Careful Approach to Your Piano Moving

As seasoned piano movers, we know that one wrong move during the process could end in disaster. With this in mind, we make sure to perform a detailed planning stage before we start lifting your heavy instrument. 

We will measure all of the doorways we will be going through and clear a pathway from your piano to our trucks to ensure a smooth process. Once inside our vehicle, we will securely fasten the piano to ensure it cannot move around during transit. 


Pianos come in all shapes and sizes. Some electric pianos are heavy but may not be as large as other acoustic pianos, which become unwieldy and awkward to handle. Depending on the type of piano you have, we follow specific steps to ensure a safe process. Over the years, we’ve gained experience moving pianos of all varieties, including:

  • Grand pianos
  • Baby grands
  • Upright pianos
  • Electric pianos
  • … and more!

Every type of piano comes with a variety of moving considerations. For example, grand pianos may have detachable legs and pedals, while an electric piano may weigh significantly more. If there are any pieces to remove from your piano, we do this before packing up the instrument and preparing for moving.

After that, the piano moving process unfolds much like a standard move but with great caution. We’re careful to protect your piano throughout the process with premier packing materials and constantly move the unit securely and gently.

A Piano Moving Company with a Proven Track Record

With many successful piano moving projects behind us, you can always expect an informed approach to your job. We bring a lot of valuable experience to every piano moving process that we are involved with, allowing our clients to relax and feel confident that their instrument is in capable hands. Find out why so many of our former customers are willing to recommend our services by calling us today. 

Avoid Delays with Your Piano Moving

Because we take the time to plan our moving process carefully and have completed similar tasks many times before, we guarantee that we will get your piano to its new location according to schedule. Any potential issues will be accounted for before we start moving, allowing us to operate with maximum efficiency once we start lifting your piano. 

Regardless of how far you’re moving, we take the time to plan the journey, ensuring we meet your deadlines. Our drivers are swift on the road, offering a safe piano move that doesn’t make you wait forever for your valuable instrument to arrive. Whether you’re moving within the same town or over a long distance, we're the team to trust when you need a moving company that sticks to a schedule.


When you’re moving homes, there are many costs to look out for. You need to consider the price of everything from packing materials to renting a truck, and that includes the cost of moving your expensive and cherished piano. To avoid moving costs adding up to enormous amounts, you should always trust a professional company with competitive rates.

We’re here to give you a stress-free moving experience—one where you feel confident about the moving process and our affordable prices. We offer a streamlined service that helps keep the cost manageable as we look to limit wasted time or materials throughout the move.

For a cost estimate of a piano moving job beforehand, reach out to us! We’ll be able to provide a no-obligation cost estimate that is based on the distance of the move and the type and size of the piano.

Movers for Any Style of Piano

Pianos come in many different shapes and sizes, but Help-U-Pack-N-Move is equipped to transport all of them. We will always take the correct approach for your particular instrument and work carefully to ensure we do not cause any damage by the way we handle it. 

Learn More About Our Piano Moving Service

If you have any more questions to ask us to make sure we are the right team for the job, we will be happy to be of service. Just give us a call at (952) 431-1269 and let us give you a full overview of how we can accommodate your moving process.